Máquina de cortar cabelo e barba recarregavel sem fio

R$ 52,00
Descrição do produto

We will send different patterns randomly!!!!!

Machine hair trimmer professional hair T9 electric trimmer for man Barber haircut man Barber barber Barber Barber Barber Barber Barber Barber

Product parameters:

Power: 5W

Battery: 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, with USB battery charger, can be used in any occasion

Charging time: 3 hours

Rated Voltage: 3V-5V

Use Time: 3 hours

Charging Method: battery charging

Regulation thin head cutter duplauso: adjustable zero adjustable

Type tool: teeth safety acute dense

Due the restraints air conveyor, the liquid can not be transported, so we are not included in package, please be aware.

The package contains:

Original Box

1 * hair cutter, built in battery

1 * brush Small

1 * Battery Charger (USB or battery built in) follows random

4 * comb shaving matching

OBS: due to light, color picture product can diferir royal color

=============== Remove protection battery before use ===============

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